Learn Russian

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Learn Russian

You don't need to learn Russian or listen to my advice,

but if you do, you will learn much knowledge and 

earn respect from native speakers. My favorite 

method of 

learning a foreign language is being exposed to the 

spoken language as much as possible. And this really 

works! Most successful language learners share their 

secret method with us too often: to live in the country of 

the language where it is spoken natively. But not always 

is this possible. And there is also one catch with this 


It is not the physical staying in a country that boosts 

progress so much, it is the fact that you will most likely 

be exposed to it from morning till evening. Yet there are 

people who spend many years in a foreign country and 

have no desire to learn the countrie's language and so 

they just stay around people who speak their language, 

and , in this way, they don't learn much during 

extremely long periods of time. According to this logic, 

you can achieve the same result as visiting a foreign 

country at home, without leaving your house, if:

1) You have a person who could use the foreign language 

of your choice all day with you and, in some way, you 

would be forced to use it with him.

2) You can just watch TV all day in your target langauge 

and you should get incredible benefits from this.

Many people nowadays report that TV alone was 


to achieve a near-native leven in various foreign 


3) There are tools which can assist you with making even 

faster progress during your stay in a foreign country or 

as a bonus to watching TV.

Listening to Repetitions of words with their translations 

in a Video Game is the best 

method in my opinion to make the words "stick". And 

with this I mean an extremely valuable thing. I speak 

from experience that this is one of if not the best method 

of lerning the words and keeping them in the long term 

memory. And here it finally is, the video with the 

recorded words already, absolutely free of charge!



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